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Dubia roach (Blaptica dubia) 1 Adult pair

  • This pack consists a pair of fully grown dubia roach
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The Blaptica dubia or as commonly called Dubia roaches are probably the most popular of all the feeder roaches. They are easy to keep, easy to breed, reptiles and amphibians love them, and readily available at a reasonable price.
They are very easy to sex the males have full wings, whilst the females have reduced wings. The nymphs are grey/brown
They produce fairly less odour, are silent, and are super calm and easy to handle. containing a higher ratio of protein to indigestible chitin which makes it as a best considerable feeder insect
Dubia Roaches are easy to digest and make a very meaty and nutritious meal
Our ethos is to supply the best feeder for your pets and to do this we listen to our customers and supply roaches fed 100% on human grade organic dry and fresh food.
Our roach Colony are organically fed roaches and have been developing these insects for over years.
Dubia Roaches are easy to keep, cheap to feed, long-lived and silent within the home, which makes them a good, affordable choice to have as a handy food item.

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