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Taiyo Arowana Fish Food 220 gm

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Arowana Fish breed to support the growth.
  • Best Colour
  • Fast Growth
  • Vitamin E

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Apt for Arowana Fishes:Taiyo Arowana Fish Food is especially made for Arowana Fish breed to support the growth.
High in Protein-This Fish Food is a good source of animal protein and other essential nutrients that are required by fishes during their growth process.
Contains Special Extracts-The food contains special amino acids, Spirulina and astaxanthin extracts that helps in enhancing the colour and lustre of the scales and supports the potential of pigmentation in them.
Easily Digestible-The food is made with natural ingredients that helps in resolving digestion issues and improves metabolism.
Prevents Water Contamination-The Food is scientifically developed that floats on water preventing water contamination and formation of cloud in the aquarium.

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