Buy Taiyo Turtle Food 250 g Online at the Lowest Price in India

Taiyo Turtle Food 250 g

  • It contains all high quality protein
  • vitamins and minerals to promote growth
  • Taiyo turtle promotes strong shell structure
  • The Food is scientifically developed that floats on water

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Apt for TurtlesTaiyo Turtle Food is apt for Turtles, Reptiles and other Aquatic Amphibians.
High in ProteinThis Turtle Food is rich in protein, vitamin, and minerals that meets daily nutritional requirements and promotes growth in Turtles.
Promotes Strong Shell StructureThis diet is an assortment of all essential nutrients that helps in promoting strong shell structure of Turtles.
Contains SpirulinaThe product has added Spirulina that helps in improving skin and also enhances Turtle’s resistance to diseases. The food is made with natural ingredients that helps in resolving digestion issues and improves metabolism.
Prevents Water ContaminationThe Food is scientifically developed that floats on water preventing water contamination and formation of cloud.

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