100% working aquarium carpet seeds for planted tank for foreground to midground for Sale in India at

carpet seed type 2

  • Carpet seed for planted aquarium ,terrarium and paludarium
  • Beginner friendly and very less demanding plant
  • A pack of 10 grams enough for 2*1 tank to fully carpet
  • Provides rich greenery look and more natural look
  • Does not require co2 to germinate
  • Easy maintenance

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The Process of Germination :

1Add seeds to wet soil first till they germinate.
2After that, add more water so that it will level up and covers the seeds.
3Increase the water as the plants starts to grow.
4Once the seeds start to germinate, transfer the plant to the tank.
5It takes a little bit of time but being patient is one of the requirements in successfully growing your aquarium carpet plants.

Planting Technique :

Plant should be preparedPlant should be prepared prior to working, split into the sizes required and any excess minerel wool removed.
Tweezers is essentialWhen planting this small specimens, a good quality fine tweezers is essential to achieve precision results and avoid damaging the plants.
Gently and lightlyPlants should be gently picked up with the tweezers and lightly shaken into the substrate.
Continue to dampenMake sure you continue to dampen the substrate and the plants with a mist of water while planting.
Only with 2 - 5 cm of waterFill the aquarium only with 2 - 5 cm of water when planting - it is easier to see excatly what you are doing and planting progressess at much quicker rate.
Filling with waterFilling with water can be poured over a saucer or square of thick plastic sheet placed in the bottom of the aquarium.

Maintenance :

Grid PatternIts best for the plant to be maintained in grid pattern.
Check for growthMonitor the parameters of water, as well as visually check for growth and signs for browning and melting that may signal a needed change in lighting and water conditions.
LightingLighting should be kept to about 6 hours per day for several weeks.
No dosing for 5 to 6 weeksNo dosing with liquid fertilizer should be carried out for 5 to 6 weeks or until the plants show sign that they are in need of fertilizer.
Water circulationEnsure your aquarium water is being circulated around the lower areas of your aquarium, otherwise your carpet plants may not receive the vital co2 and nutrients they need to grow.
Trim your carpetTrim your carpet occasionally, depending on the growth rate.

Benefits of Carpet Plants :

1Plants can do wonders for your aquarium, providing your fish with food and oxygen.
2These aquarium plants keep the water chemistry balanced and are most commonly known as hydrophytes.
3Growing aquarium plants from seeds can surely change your ordinary tank into a wonderful underwater garden.

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