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Cocopeat wheel

  • Pack contains 2 coco-peat wheels weighing approx 100g each
  • 100% ORGANIC byproduct
  • Each disc will expand to 1 liter to 1.6 liter of wet cocopeat bedding
  • specially formulated and PH stabilized for having highest success rate
  • UV treated and steamed at 1000 °C to kill all germs and micro organisms
  • Will expand quickly within 2 minutes right in front of your eyes

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COCOPEAT or COCOCOIR or COCOHUSK is a by product of cocunut
which is manufactured from the outer shell of coconut
is a excellent medium for grindalworm culturing
they are subjected to uv stabilization and steamed under 1000°C to
make them free from any bacteria and harmfull viruses
spacility of cocopeat is it can retain its moister for very long amount of time
yet they stay loose so that your worms can move freely and find food or mate
High porosity of the coco peat substratum allows good air circulation and thus odd odors can be avoided


how long i can keep itif kept in dry state it can be kept upto 5 years, if its in wet state please use it before 2 months to avoid any issues from occurring
how long should i wait wait till the disc to completely soakin under 2 min it should completely expand to its max volume if adequate water is provided
do i need to boilno
How much i need to purchaceit completely depends on how many culture you maintain and how big your cultured
please guide on my monthly requirementsif you have a container which is of 5 litter capacity you will need 1 to 1.5 liter of cocopeat every 45 days so this pack will have 2 disc and each disc will be more than enough for 1 cycle so in total every 3 months you will need 1 pack

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