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Earthworm Flakes 25gms

  • Conditioning Breeders/ Promotes spawning/ high egg fertility
  • Contains dried earthworms and blend of polychaete worms.
  • Highly recommended for improving egg production in breeding fish.
  • Developed to increase growth, breeding and improve fry production.
  • content - 25gms

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Why to choose Earthworm Flakes :

Nutritionally balanced diety Flakes are nutritionally balanced all purpose diet for all types of omnivorous Fresh water and Marine Fish species, which feed on invertebrates in the wild.
increase both palatability and digestibilityThese diets utilize highly digestible marine Proteins to increase both palatability and digestibility, while minimizing excreted waste.
promote healthy gill, fin and tissue developmentIncreased levels of stable Vitamin C and brewer yeast are included in these diets to promote healthy gill, fin and tissue development.

Benefits of Feeding Earthworm Flakes :

Designed to improve overall fish health and resistance to disease.
Great supplemental diets for fish who feed on invertebrates in the wild.
Perfect for freshly acquired or stressed fish that may need higher nutrient values.
Contains natural ingredients that improve color in fish such as shrimp meal, algae and krill meal.
Fortified with natural immune enhancers to promote healthy tissue maintenance

Nutritional value :

Crude Protein45.0 %
Crude Fat6.0 %
Crude Fiber3.0 %
Moisture10.0 %

Dosage :

Fish can be fed 2 times daily.
Feed as much as the fish will consume in three (3) minutes of feeding

Packaging and Storage :

Packing typeStanding pouch with zip lock.
StorageStore in cool, dry place away from sunlight.
DurabilityMaintains nutritive value and shelf life up to one (1) year of properly stored and handled.

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