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Cichlid Aroma - Gene Eleven

  • A pure natural color exhibitor added to this feed with more realistic blend of fishy aroma.
  • A true formulation with handpicked raw materials that make your fish addicted to rely on this feed.
  • No wonder these beautiful creatures never think of anything else.

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Specifications :

Pellet size:1.5 mm
Content:75 gms

Nutritional Value :

Protein> 45%
Fat> 6%
Fibre< 3%

Ingredients :

1Peruvian fish meal
2Krill meal
3Shrimp meal
4Soy bean meal
5wheat flour
6wheat germ meal
7soy lecithin
8fish protein concentrates
10poly unsaturated fatty acids
11natural calcium
12cichlid growth enhancing minerals
13vitamin A, C, D, E

Feeding Instruction :

1Feed your fish 2 – 3 times a day as much as they consume in few minutes.
2Remove uneaten feed after feeding time.
3Do not over feed.

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