DECHLORINATOR maker 1 liter (sodium thiosulfate)

DIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine)

  • can make 1 liter of ANTI CHLORINE
  • Proved and Teested for INDIAN tap waters
  • 10 times CHEAPER than chlorine remover avaliable in aquarium shops
  • This one pack can treat 10000 liters of water
  • Great product for pond owners
  • No worry of over dosing

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WHAT IS DIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine)

DIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine) is a chemical additive
that renders the harmfull chemical called chlorine and
chloramine in your tap water which is very dangerous
and harmfull to your fish and biological filter if untreated

Do I Need a DIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine)

YES obviously,
The drinking water that we get is treated with chlorine and  chloramine
to control and kill harmful bacteria or other pathogens which get into
the water. but that chlorine and  chloramine, is not good for our fishes
and other aquarium organisms so we must make the water safe for
aquarium before using and by adding the required anount of anti chlorine
to make the water safe

How do i use it

Its very simple all you need to do is arange a 1 liter bottle with R O (Reverse Osmosis)water
if R O water is not avalible in your home its better to buy a 1 liter packed drinking
water (not mineral water) and use
once bottle and water is arranged you can go ahed and empty the pack containing
DIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine) into the bottle and cap it, shake the bottle well until all the
crystals get disolved and there you go your home made cholorine remover is ready to use
make sure you mark expiry for 12 months from the date of making


10 ML100 liter water
1ML(20 drops )10 liter water
2 drops1 liter water


Is this product suitable for marine tankyes it is suitable for both marine and fresh water aquarium
what if i over dose itthis product is completely harmless to all kind of aquarium organisms and plants so dont worry in over dosing, if needed just add some more drops or ml to your aquarium just to be on safer side
I am planing to use only half of the pack and later use the remaining ,How long can i keep the remaining crystalsDIY Dechlorinator(anti chlorine) crystals are in natural state so they have infinate shelf life like our common salt so you can reuse it when ever you desire to use it again
How long will it last is it worth the moneyyes definately it will be more economical, just a simple math if your tank is 200 liter capacity and your doing 50% water change 2 times a week you will need 10 ml for each water change and 20ml a week which costs about 6rs 80 paisa isint it economical and it will last 100 water changes that means it will last you around a year

Customer Reviews(4)

  • Aagyeyi jain
    Must have product for pond owners
    i have a huge outdoor koi pond with a capacity of 2000 liter ,previously i used to buy bottles of chlorine remove to use my tap water for water changes but after getting to know about the product through one of my friend and finaly started using it it has saved me a lot of money and still now i havent encountered any issues thank you
  •  Vivaan Aditya
    Nice product
    i would definitely suggest to all urban aquarium keepers who dosent have acces to river water or well water
  • Reyansh Arjun
    Found this product through youtube suggestion its nice
    nice product
  • Dhruv Krishna
    wonderful idea
    Thumbs upp for the product
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