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New Wild ProBio Feed - 100gms

  • Premium flowerhorn staple diet
  • Pellet type : Floating feed
  • Size : 2mm
  • New Wild Probio Feed has no added hormones
  • Pump up the wild humps
  • Enhances Dual Color (Asta Powered Stunning Red and Marigold Yellow)
  • Sparkling Pearl Formation

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PUMP UP the Wild Humps :

1Krill calcium and fish oil omega derivatives make the hump to grow stable and steady without any health issues.
2New Wild Probio Feed has no added hormones

Asta Powered Stunning Red :

Enhance the Red color in flowerhorn fishThe New Wild Probio is loaded with Organic grown natural astaxanthine derived from Haematococcus pluvialis natural algae make your fish to exhibit red color pigments.

Enhanced Yellow with Marigold :

Enhance the Yellow color in flowerhorn fishYellow color pigment Xanthophyll and Zeaxanthine derived from marigold (Tagetes erecta) flower to enhance yellow/golden color in flowerhorn fish.

Sparkling Pearl Formation :

Enhance the Pearl Formation in flowerhorn fishThe New Wild Probio pellets are Coated with live digestive bacterial spores that promotes stunning pearl formation in flowerhorn fish.

Ingredients :

1Premium grade fish meal free from sand and silica
2krill calcium meal
3soy lecithin
5fish oil
7wheat germ meal
8marigold flower extract as xanthophylls and zeaxanthine
9amino acids
10omega-3 fatty acids
11EPA and other essential fatty acids
12Soy flour
13stabilized Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3
14added minerals

Composition :

Crude Protein> 42% ( /-) 2%
Crude fat> 7%
Crude fibre< 3%
Moisture< 10%

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