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pH Reducer 120ml

  • Reduces and stabilizes the pH.
  • pH Reducer is an advanced formula for the safe decrease of pH.
  • Maintains pH low and stable for longer time.
  • A product that can relied for a guaranteed result
  • highly recommended for expensive fish keeper as they need a constant ph level

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Why pH reducer?

For low ph requirement fishesMost of the tropical fish from amazon habitat need low pH to survival and reproduction.
Example :pH Reducer can be used to reduce the pH for fishes like discus, tetra, angel fish and also aquatic plants

Instruction :

1Mix required amount of pH Reducer in a cup of aquarium water.
2Disperse evenly in the aquarium water.
4Use a pH test kit to monitor the correct level of pH.

Dosage :

Use10 ml per 50 liter.

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