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5 in 1 Aquatic Plant Nutrients

  • 5 in 1 pack for planted aquarium fertilizers and liquid carbon.
  • The complete nutrients for nano planted tank beginner’s pack – Fish and Shrimp safe.
  • Plant Food (Macro Nutrients) – 50 ml
  • Plant Health Formula (Micro Nutrients and Iron) – 50 ml
  • K plus plus (Potassium plus Manganese supplement for greenish plants) – 50 ml
  • Phyto Carb (Liquid Carbon Supplement) – 50 ml
  • Microlife S2 (Bacterial Suspension for plants and fish) – 50 ml

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Plant Food :

1Aquatic plant macro nutrients.
2Contains all macro elements for lush plant color and growth.
3Regulates photosynthesis
4The complete macro nutrients formulation for aquatic plants.
5Plant Food improves : growth, color, health of the aquarium plants.
6Plant Food enhances : photosynthesis activity, hence increases the chlorophyll production.
7Use bi weekly at the prescribed dosage.
8For best result use 2 ml and 100 liter per day.
9Active Ingredients : Nitrogen, Potassium, Plant growth regulator, Essential macro nutrients and minerals.
10Dosage : 10 ml per 100 liter of water.

Plant Health Formula :

Aquatic plants micro nutrients.
Contains iron and micro elements for vibrant colors, lush growth, and healthy plants.
A perfect blend of aquatic plant micro nutrients packed with advance formulation.
To create wonderful mimic of aquatic natural eco system and the tropical rain forest color pigment formation.
Supply essential micro elements to boost plant’s natural coloration and health.
Usage : Use bi weekly at the prescribed dosage.
For best result use 2 ml / 100 liter per day, if you have time to spent few seconds every day.
Active Ingredients: Chelated iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron and other essential micro elements.
Dosage: 10 ml per 100 liter of water.

K Plus Plus :

Combination of Manganese, Potassium and Trace Minerals for bright green colored aquatic plants.
Potassium deficiency leads to yellowing of leaves, especially at leaf edges
Also develops dead or yellow patches on leaves.
Manganese deficiency leads to yellow spots and elongated holes between plant veins.
Regular use of RO water also cause depletion of macro minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
Application of replenish these minerals required for plant growth. limit the algae growth as it has no nitrogen or phosphorus residue.
Application: Start to dose after 2 weeks of new tank set-up. You shall apply this product at daily basis also.
Dosage: 10 ml per 100 liter per week.

Phytocarb :

Liquid Carbon and algae control remedy.
Co2 plus – Algae minus
Phyto Carb acts as a primary supplement of carbon along with or without Co2system.
Phyto carb also increases the efficiency of iron assimilation by plants.
Source of reliable carbon element which is very useful as intermediate compound in photosynthesis.
Dosage: 10 ml for 100 liter of water

Microlife S2 :

Liquid Bacterial Suspension.
For crystal clear water and quick aquarium maturation
For ammonia and nitrite removal
Reduction from Ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate.
Biologically degrades uneaten food, fish waste and all other nitrogen compounds.
Dosing the tank: Once a week.
New tank – quick maturation.
Treat for 5 days in succession.
Dosage: 10 ml per 100 liter of water.

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