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Silkworm pupae

  • Silkworm pupae are an excellent source of live feeders that are clean, odorless, and healthy.
  • Silkworm pupae is a best live food for adult Fishes, and Reptiles birds etc...
  • Our conditioning methods and safe packing guarantees to arrive fresh.
  • Door step delivery available all over India.

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Why to feed your pet with silkworm pupae :

Most nutritiousSilkworm pupae are one of the most nutritious, economical and convenient feeders . Silkworms pupae are a high source of Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Vitamins B1, B2, and B3.
Better feederSilkworm pupae look and taste better to most animals than many other types of feeders.
Easier:They cannot jump, escape or hide, unlike many other insects and easier for your animals to catch.
Soft Bodied:They are easier for your animals to swallow and digest.
Harmless feedSilkworm pupae cannot bite or harm your animals.
Size and Value:Silkworm pupae are 10 times the weight of a cricket.
Variety:Animals need variety in their diet to remain healthy. Hence silkworm pupae are the best choice.
For picky eatersSilkworm pupae often cause a feeding response from picky eaters or animals on a hunger strike.
Ease of care:Silkworm pupae require no special containers or any water.
Odorless:No annoying sounds or odors.

Silkworm pupae are the best feed for :

9bearded dragons

Nutritional value :

Crude Proteinmin. 55.3%
Crude Fatmin. 32%
Ashmin. 3%
Moisturemin. 5%
Crude Fibermin. 3.8%

Vitamins in silkworm pupae :

Vitamin A273.99 micrograms
Vitamin E51.45 IU/kg
Vitamin C<5.78 mg
Vitamin B11.91 mg
Vitamin B25.43 mg
Vitamin B315.20 mg
Vitamin B512.49 mg
Vitamin B7144.51 micrograms
Vitamin B90.41 mg

Why to choose silkworm pupae from us?

Our silkworm pupae are proudly cultured in India.
We supply 100% ORGANICALLY grown, super quality, parasite free silkworm pupae.
We don’t use artificial hormones for growth or artificial color enhancer for our Worms so that they grow fast and look vibrant.
Unlike other farms our silkworm pupae are 100% NON GMO product ( non genetically modified organism ).
They are fed with healthy and nutritionally rich MULBERRY LEAVES.
We are committed to provide you our best product with assured quality.
Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority so feel free and hop onto online chat or
Leave us a mail with your query and so that we can clarify your doubts.

What do I get in my order?

1A plastic container with some small holes for your pupae to breath.
2and a label containing a note as live silkworm pupae inside.
3Quarter of your container will be filled with cotton.
4The quantity of worms you ordered.


I have ordered silkworm pupae from you what should I do nextCongratulations on purchasing meal worms from us , once order is placed your ordered quantity will be reserved and sent for packaging . After packaging team recived the ordered quantity they will decide when to send , if order is placed on Friday or Saturday it will be shipped on Monday only for safety reasons.
Can you please advise on how to store these pupaeYou can store in the container which you received the worms , you can keep it any were in book shelf or any rack something like that, avoid direct sunlight and main thing keep away from ants if infected your whole worm colony will be dead in matter of hours.

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