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Wild Minnows Diet(30 g)

  • An exclusive slow sinking pellet feed with high protein formulation made in Taiwan exclusively for Wild Minnows Diet.
  • Feed for flowerhorn, angel, oscar, cichlid fry rearing.
  • An exclusive feed for ramirezi, guppy,other live bearers, rainbows and betta fish feed.

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Wild Minnows Diet :

color enhancerWild micro bits MINNOWS diet fish feed coated with natural color enhancing ingredients, to exhibit the nature’s art of beautiful color of your tiny beauties at its beast.
Dietary fibre contentThis elite fish feed formulated with selected raw material with balanced dietary fibre content and stabilized micro coated vitamin ‘C’ to make this diet as premium segment feed without any side effect.
Perfect food for small fishFormulated with the blend of marine proteins, and amino acids, multi vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids a perfect food for small fish.
Formulated specially forThe high protein fish feed formulated specially for Tetra, rainbows, guppies, betta fish, fresh water goby fish, killifish, corydoras and loaches.

Specifications :

Pellet Type :Slow sinking crumble feed
Pellet size :0.7mm
content :30gms

Nutritional Value :

fat> 6%
fibre> 4%
ash< 12%
moisture9 %

Ingredients :

1Peru/Chile premium fish meal
2fish protein hydrolysates
3squid liver meal
4wheat flour
5krill meal
6yeast powder
7soy lecithin
8fish oil
9stabilized vitamin C
10vitamin D3
11vitamin E
12vitamin A
14essential amino acids
15PUFA and HUFA fatty acids
16mineral supplements

Instruction :

1Feeding 2 – 3 times a day the amount your fish should consume in few minutes.
2Remove uneaten feed after feeding time.
3Do not over feed.

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