Premium-Bloodworm Flake an excellent growth promoter and color enhancer for Sale in India at

Premium Bloodworm Flake 25 gms

  • Best nutrition from Bloodworm
  • best growth promoter
  • best color enhancer
  • well balanced diet
  • a good motivators for finicky fish
  • Contains natural paracoccus and carophyll to enhance the natural colors of your fish.
  • Tthe red iron-porphyrin protein in its blood and tissue which gives it its vibrant colour enhancing character.
  • motivational food for recovering fish from illness

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Why buy Premium Bloodworm Flake

Premium Bloodworm Flake primarily for Freshwater Fish. Bloodworm Flake is extraordinarily popular among breeders for many reasons. As per source Premium Bloodworm Flake inclusion rate of Bloodworm is based on a more meaningful "dry weight" basis, n
A 2% inclusion rate of spirulina compliments an already great amalgamation of natural sources of carotenoids and other pigments that maintain vibrant colors in your fish. And spirulina is a putative immuno-stimulant that will increase disease resista

Benefits of Premium Bloodworm Flake

A great way to enhance colors
best motivational food for recovering fish from illness
best encouraging food for pickey eaters
best alternative to live of frozen blood worm with minimal nutritional loss
Great for conditioning your fish for spawning

Nutrional Value :

Crude protein43.0% min
Crude fat10.1% min
Crude fiber1.0% max
Moisture8.0% max


Feed as much as you fish will eat in 2-3 minutes.
feed 2 times a day
for recovering fish feed up-to 4 times in a day

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