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About us

MICROWORMS.IN a customer service oriented firm started with an aim of serving our customers with live products that is very commonly available to very hard to find live products available in a single place offering shipping all over India with assuring live on arrival.

Started on late 2015 with primarily objective of making live food and cultures available for all pet enthusiast and care takers across India with continuous assistance and expert guidance acquired with years of keeping and collective information gathered from our fellow experts from all over globe.

Our journey towards serving our customers started with single product and with great appreciation and expectation for more product from our customers fueled us to constantly work on our product base.

VISION STATEMENT Our Vision is to Innovate on Animal Healthcare that creates inspiration to the Industry and sustain being No. 1 Solutions Provider with top-notch quality delivery.

MISSION STATEMENT To build strong delivery model that nurtures and strengthens the hobby, by identifying and analyzing to innovate and implement cutting edge technologies which would positively impact pet enthusiasts.