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Live Grindalworm Starter Culture

  • Grindal Worm Starter Culture - Quantity aprox 1000 to 5000 worms.
  • Best live food for fish fries (Juvenile size fries from 2cm fries to adult size).
  • Quantity - 1000 to 5000 worms in aprox 250gm (Net weight that includes the culture medium wet coco peat).
  • Can able to feed all Juvenile size fish and even adult fishes of Guppy, Angel, Bettas, Flower horn, Gold etc...
  • Safe Packing - that ensure culture to be alive while delivery.

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GrindalWorms Specifications

Dimensions7 mm in length and .5 mm in diameter
Length vs width14 times lengthier than their width
Organic culture mediumsPotting soil or Coco peat
Soil-less culture mediumsscrubby pads or some kind of felt type pads
FoodOatmeal, Bread, Trout Feed, Dry Cat Food, Mashed Potato, Mashed Carrot, Mashed Banana
TemperatureBest results in range of 20 – 30 °C.
pH6.8 - 7.2 in culture medium is optimum
Humidity18 – 23% in culture medium is optimum
Reproduction RateIndividual Grindalworm produces approx 1K offspring in their life span.
Light vs DarkGrindal Worms prefers dark and they are allergic to any source of light
Survival time under waterMore than 24 hours
Wet vs dry matterAprox 25% of water and 75% of dry matter

What is nutritional value of grindal worms?


Why grindal worms are best live food for juvenile fishes or seedlings?

Perfect dietWell balanced diet of grindal worms as you see in the label of most commercial foods. Makes Grindal Worms become one of the most popular live feed in both hobbyist and aquarist.
SizeGrindal worms are larger than the size of BBS, daphnia, microworms and vinegar eels which we use to feed our fies. Grindal worms are half the size of white worms, black worms and chopped earthworms.
During fires grow out stageWe can notice that when raising fries that reach a certain stage and just stop growing. In this stage fries quickly does not adapt itself to commercial dry foods; grindal worms are the best live foods for the juvenile fishes or seedlings because of the idle size range.
Stuffing mattersFeed the grindal worms with very high quality food that going to pass it to your pet fishes. What you have stuffed inside the Grindal worm that your fishes are eating???

How to culture gindal worms?

About our starter cultureForget about starting a new grindal worm culture for 6 months from the day you receive the starter. The starter culture which we are sending itself will be alive for almost 6 month to 1 year When it is properly maintained and harvested.
RequirementsAny non transparent container, culture medium (potting soil or coco peat or scrubbing pad), water, good quality dog food, grindal starter culture.
Step 1Pour water in a coco peat block to maintain 18 - 23% of humidity and transfer it to the container.
Step 2Transfer some of grindal worms from the starter culture to the new culture medium in the container.
Step 3Feed the grindal worms with wet dog food by placing it on the surface of the culture medium.
Step 4Grindal worms need oxygen to breath so plan for it. Recommend to put few holes which diameter should not exceed 2mm on the closing lid.
Step 5Place the container in the shaded or dark place and avoid light to enter the container.

Are grindal worms allergic to light?

Yes, Grindal worms do not like themselves to be exposed to lightGrindal worms are shy character;-) lol... Their skin is very sensitive and when its exposed to light they will hide themselves by digging inside the culture medium.

How to maintain and harvest grindal worms?

Feeding schedulesPlan the feeding schedule and stick to it. Do not feed frequently or leave them starving.
Moisture management18 – 23% of humidity is optimum for grindal worm culture medium. If the moisture is less they feel hard to dig the culture to reach the bottom in search of moisture and if moisture become excess then there will be a strong odor due to a lack of oxygen; they easily stick to the sticky bottom and they struggle to come to the surface.
Harvest or yield managementPlace a glass or mesh on top of the food; so they stick to object when they come to feed. You can easily harvest grindal worms by just rinsing the object with water. If you want to increase the yield then slightly increase the amount of food. Do not feed until the food is completed. To decrease the yield harvest more, decrease the population and feed less food. Over populated grindal worm culture also crash as well.

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Customer Reviews(12)

  • Shashank Sinha
    Great bunch of people
    So I ordered the worms and they arrived dead. I was skeptical of post sale service of an unknown website but Man did they prove me wrong. They offered full refund or promised that they'll send a culture till it arrives live. It appears that this was their first order for worms in winter and the regular packaging was not enough to keep the worms alive. They promptly made necessary changes in the next delivery and the worms were well and in good quantity to start the culture. I received the worms on Jan 2nd and already have five thriving cultures. Arun from their team was a great help. Even after confirming live delivery and thanking them for their service, he gave me tips for healthy growth which I certainly never considered. He definitely knew what he knew. I am sure that he'll still answer me anytime if I have a question. Based on my experience, I'll definitely rate them outstanding and will vouch for them to friends. Going for the Meal worms next..
  • Prabha
    Best sellers
    These guys are awesome and the packaging is good must buy guys
  • Suresh
    Received in Good Condition
  • Janardana Prabu
    Wonderful Service
    These people were very much helpful with prompt response when contacted for any query about my order. The container I received had a good number of worms along with 5 pieces of food to be used as a starter which was very thoughtful. In a week's time, the worms have doubled up in number and I'm able to regularly feed them to my fish. Overall it was a wonderful experience.
  • Karthik Chittoor
    Excellent Customer Service
    I have ordered Grindal Worms from the site. The response I got from them, every time I reached out to them when i had a doubt was exceptional. The site has everything a beginner requires to start off with a culture, and I'm yet to try their other products too. I recommend as I don't think there can be anyone who can do it better than them. I personally want to thank Priyanka, Akita
  • Manohar Penta
    Bad experience
    I ordered the grindal worms on 1st October 2018, i received it approximately after 15 days and to my surprise the grindal worms culture i received was a complete disaster. As the website says that the culture will have approx 1000 to 5000 worms i couldnt find even 50 counting. Right now they are not propagating as fast as im expecting because of low culture volume.
  • Sohit Goyal
    Great food for all kind of fishes
    The one time investment for all kind of fishes. Prompt delivery and safe packing. Got it in a 250ml plastic container with 3/4 part of coco peat culture medium aprox 1500 worms during delivery. thanks
  • K K Subramani
    grindals are best food for mid range fishes
    Good customer support, Grindal worms well described in the website, quick delivery, packing was safe and hard to open, worms are alive while delivery, feeding to my adult guppies, bettas and angels.
  • Balakrishanan
    purchase microworms and grindalworms
    happy both delivery safe
  • Rahul Mehra
    the product was delivered as described in the website. I feed grindal worms as an alternate food or treat to my mollies and tetras in addition to commercial foods.
  • Sai Sumant
    Good service
    Eared about grindal worms before itself but just giving a try. Yea my bettas thrives to feed on them.
  • Utkarsh Patel
    grindal worm are nutritious food
    After Baby brine shrimp i use to feed powdered flakes; during this stage their growth will be hacked. So gindal worms is the best option that continue fries growth and improve the qualities like color and activeness.
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