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Buy Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae Online at the Lowest Price in India -

Live black soldier flies larvae (BSF larvae)

  • BSFL - quantity exactly 50 adult size larvae
  • Great source of protein and calcium.
  • Highly nutritional with wide spectrum of amino acid profile.
  • BSF larvae are early instar stage of Hermetia illucens.

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Specifications :

Diameter3 to 5mm
Length25 to 30mm
Temperature22 to 34c
Life span30 days

Great supplemental feeder for :

2bearded dragons
4leopard geckos
5fat tail geckos

Nutritional value :

protein40% minimum
Fat12% minimum
Fiber8% minimum
Vitamin A773.1 g retinol/kg
Vitamin D2206.16 IU/kg
Vitamin D3257.7 IU/kg
Vitamin E15.977 mg -tocopherol / kg V
Vitamin C25.77 mg/ kg
Vitamine B12143.79 g/kg

Why to choose BSF larvae from us?

We are committed to provide safe and reliablelive food on demand for our fellow hobbyist across India.
ensure high quality feedOur larvae fed with nutirtional rich diet to ensure high quality feed for ur pets.
Customer satisfactionis our utmost priority so feel free to join us in online chat or Leave a mail with your query, so that we can clarify your doubts

What do I get in my order?

A plastic container with some small holes for the worms to breath.
A label containing Live worm inside note.
Quarter of the container will be filled with cocopeat.
Quantity of larvae you have ordered.

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