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Live Mealworm

  • Live Mealworms - This pack contains 50 adult sized worms.
  • Mealworms are a excellent source of live feeders that are clean, odorless, and healthy.
  • Mealworms is a best live food for adult Fishes, Reptiles and Birds.
  • Our conditioning methods and safe packing guarantees to arrive fresh and live.
  • Door step delivery available all over india.
  • For custom orders, bulk orders, wholesale, consulting and offers for regular customers and any further questions! Please feel free to contact our support

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Why to choose mealworm from us?

Our Mealworms are proudly grown in India.
We supply 100% ORGANICALLY grown, super quality, parasite free and veterinarian certified strudy MEAL WORM.
We don’t use artificial hormones for growth or artificial color enhancer for our Worms so that they grow fast and look vibrant.
Unlike other farms our mealworms are 100% NON GMO product (genetically modified organism )
Infact our first set of worms were wild caught and imported to avoid GMO
They are fed with different kinds of fruits, leaves and vegetables in order to keep them healthy and nutritional rich
We are committed to provide you our best product with assured quality
Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority so feel free and hop into online chat or
Leave us a mail with your query and so that we can clarify your doubts

What do I get in my order?

1A plastic container with some small holes for your worms to breath.
2and a label containing a note as live worms inside
3Quarter of your container will be filled with wheat bran.
4The quantity of worms you ordered.

Mealworm Specifications

Diameter3.5 to 4 mm
Length20 to 25mm
Temprature23 – 28 °C.
WeightAbout 4 to 7 grams each depending on size
Life span30days to 60days dependiing on climate

Mealworm the feeding fenzy :)

1Mealworms add tasty variety and nutritional diversity to your pet`s diet.
2Feeding live mealworms to your pet provides excitement and interest at mealtime, making every bite a fun treat.
3The movement and fresh flavor gives them that special quality that freeze-dried and packaged foods cannot provide, so we call a moving meal! All the action is sure to prevent boredom and renew interest in your pet`s food.
4They can be a treat, snack and can also be used as a main course.
5Mealworms are rich in vitamins A and B which are essential for the best growth, nutrition, and nervous system maintenance.

List of pets that can be fed with Mealworms

FishesCiclids, Arowana, Pirannah, discus, Oscar, Koi, Gold
ReptilesChameleons, Bearded Dragons, Lizards, Leopard Geckos, Water Dragons, Toads
SnakesAlmost all snakes
TarantulaAlmost all
MAMMELSHamsters, Suger Glider, Squirrels, Gerbils, Hedge Hogs

What is nutritional value of mealworm?

Crude protein63.34%
Crude fat7.59%
Crude fiber19.96%
Crude ash3.56%
Calcium(Ca)484.39 mg (for 1000 grams)
Phosphorus(P)8087.07mg (for 1000 grams)
Potassium(K)10459.8mg (for 1000 grams)
Iron(Fe)78.71mg (for 1000 grams)
Natrium (Na)4302.73mg (for 1000 grams)
Copper (Cu)18.01mg (for 1000 grams)
Magnesium(Mg)1932mg (for 1000 grams)
Zinc (Zn)108.98mg (for 1000 grams)
Unsaturated fatty acid73.34(Grams per 100 g of Protein)
Omega 339.97 (Grams per 100 g of Protein)
Omega 633.63 (Grams per 100 g of Protein)
Saturated fatty acid26.66(Grams per 100 g of Protein)
b-Carotene mg/kg.7

For Mealworms wholesale/ Mealworms Bulk orders

*Buy 2 get 1 free offer*To avail this offer: Add 2 mealworms pack in your cart and checkout. Get another 3rd pack absolutely free while delivery.
Mealworms Greater than 500 nos and less than 1000 nosRs.2/ Mealworm plus shipping
Mealworms greater than 1000 nos and less than 2500 nosRs.1.75/ Mealworms plus shipping
Mealworms greater than 2500 nos and less than 5000 nosRs.1.5/ Mealworms plus shipping
Mealworms greater than 5000 nos and less than 10000 nosRs.1.25/ Mealworms plus shipping
Mealworms greater than 10000 nos and soRs.1/ Mealworms plus shipping
To buy Mealworms wholesale/ Mealworms bulk orders: Please feel free to chat with us


I have ordered Mealworms from you what should I do nextCongratulations on purchasing meal worms from us , once order is placed your ordered quantity will be reserved and sent for packaging . After packaging team recived the ordered quantity they will decide when to send , if order is placed on Friday or Saturday it will be shipped on Monday only for safety reasons
Can you please advise on how to store these wormsYou can store in the container which you received the worms , you can keep it any were in book shelf or any rack something like that, avoid direct sunlight and main thing keep away from ants if infected your whole worm colony will be dead in matter of hours
What should I feed these wormsThe container you receive contains enough food for you worms to live on. In case if it gets over you can add unflavoured oats for them to feed on

Customer Reviews(11)

  • Patil
    all were alive
    Practically all were alive,I didn't check each one.I purchased them several weeks ago,and most are still alive.I have a bearded dragon,and it doesn't eat many of them at a time.I keep them in the refrigerator. over all satisfied
  • Riya
    treet for turtle
    Yeaa I fed my red eared slider and she loves them....but sometimes there picky eaters
  • Manoj
    I have a beast looking arowona about 20 inches , have been feeding her live meal worms since she was 5 inchs woks fine for me may be you should also try
  • Anto
    The packaging on this was excellent, discreet, and secure. Couldn't find a single dead or sick mealworm on inspection. Very satisfied with everything in that regard. It took awhile to ship due to availability, But was delivered when they said it would. Took only two days for shipping.
  • Avinav Kumar
    The awesome food for Flowerhorn
    First I hesitated to touch in hand they wiggles badly. Then I somehow managed to drop it in FH tank he gulped it suddenly. Then he will get tempted when i show the mealworm outside the tank so i use to train him with this. I feed him 6 worms daily and he enjoys it.
  • Arjun
    Nice service
    The mealworms were alive and healthy. Nice packaging, quick shipping. Took 4 days from placing the order to receiving it. Pretty satisfied. Will shop again!
  • Dipsikha
    I am impressed all were live and as my special order I got the larval ones. All were in good condition
  • Mohit
    Satisfactory experience
    There service was quite satisfactory. Mealworms were healthy and and they were actually more than 50 in number.. Online assistance was helpful as well. So overall a nice experience. But I would like to suggest you to do something about the packaging because during delivery, few mealworms came out of the plastic box through the holes provided for air supply into the cardboard packing, because perhaps the box was turned up and down during the delivery.
  • Standrik Colaso
    Great live snack for Pets. Promotes breeding and heathy too for their well being.
  • Santhosh
    Good service
    Past 3 months, I have been purchased several times from 50 to 5000 numbers of Mealworms. Easy to order, quick shipping, proper packaging with food and air, beat service, etc. Can't find any complaints. Worms, all are alive and healthy. Good source of protein for pets.
  • Kapil
    Very much satisfied
    All the worms survived . It’s been packed well and delivered in a short span of time . Thank u
  • Write a Review