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Live Microworm Starter Culture

  • Microworm Starter Culture approx 10ml - Free instant active dry yeast 5gms.
  • Best live food for fish fries.
  • Customer can start 2 individual cultures in parallel.
  • Can able to feed Guppies, Bettas, Angel, Gold and almost all fresh water fish fries.
  • Safe Packing - that ensure culture to be alive while delivery.

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Microworms Specifications

Dimensions50 microns in diameter and 2 mm in length
Length Vs Width15 times lengthier than their width
Culture mediumAny transparent container
FoodAny grain or cereals with yeast
TemperatureAny Room Temperature (Optimum 20 – 27 °C.)
Growth rateThey grow 3 times in first day and 5 to 6 times in next 3 days.
MaturityYoung ones matures by 3 days.
Reproduction RateFemale releases 10 to 40 young ones for every 1 to 1.5 days
Life span20 to 25 days
EnemyAny Flies
Survival time under waterMore than 24 hours
Wet Vs Dry matter75% of water and 25% of dry matter
NutritionIn 25% of dry matter - 48% is protein and 21% is fat

What is Microworms Nutritional Value?

Protein48 %
Fat21 %
Glycogen7 %
Orgainic Acids1 %
Nucleic Acids1 %

Why Microworms are best live food for newborn fries?

1Microworm measure 50 microns in diameter and 2 mm in length.
2Many fries are very picky eaters and they do not know stagnant food.
3Microworms stick to the bottom and do a wiggling dance underwater, so they are easier for fries to spot and even a slowest fry could gulp peacefully.
4The Uneaten microworms will survive submerged in water for approximately 24 hours
5They provide enough calories and more protein for fries to grow healthier.
6They do not create Swimbaldder disorder like baby brine shrimp.
7They are nearly less expensive to buy and maintain when compared to other live foods

How to culture Microworms?

Required MaterialsMicroworms can be cultured successfully with a starter culture, container, food and yeast.
Step 1Add a 3 cm layer of moist Oats or Bread in the container.
Step 2Sprinkle a pinch of yeast on the surface.
Step 3Gently apply starter culture of microworms on the surface of the culture medium.

How to Maintain and Harvest Microworms?

1Microworms will survive in a wide range of temperatures.Mix the culture once a week to extend the life.
2Just check the surface of the culture is moist and white.
3If you are not going to open and close the container on daily basis; then we recommend you to put holes on top of container. Otherwise not needed.
3If some contaminants found to be growing along with culture or if it smells so foul then please start a new culture.
4The worms start to crawl up the sides of the container in few days.
5The worms can be harvested by swiping worms off the sides of the container.

Comparison between Microworms VS Vinegar ells

Microworm culture (MW short form)Vinegar ells culture (VE short form)
Container, oats, yeast and starter are required to start MW cultureJar, apple cider vinegar, apple, water and starter are required to start a VE culture.
Bedding can be made of oats, wheat, maidha, potato and even bread.Culture can be maintained in apple cider vinegar or beer solutions
Monitoring and Maintenance should be done on daily or alternative days.Monitoring and Maintenance are not required. May be you can monitor evaporation on monthly basis.
Harvesting and feeding is simple. Just wipe the walls, rinse it in water and feed to fries.Harvesting and feeding is hard when comparing to MW. Filter the vinegar solution, rinse the ells and feeding to fries.
To harvest MW it will take around 3-4 days. (When they climb up the walls of the container)VE takes around 20 to 25 days to harvest. (When the culture propagates and thick population is detected)
Life span of individual culture 2 to 3 weeksLife span of individual culture 6 to 18 months
Microworms settle down in the fries tank. Best suited for the bottom feeders.Vinegar ells swim all over the tank, mostly near to the surface. Best suited for the surface feeders.
Microworms will survive 24 to 48 hours max. So when overfeeded and uneaten worm will die. That pollute the water.Vinegar ells will survive 7 to 10 days max. So overfeeding is not an issue here.

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Customer Reviews(22)

  • Surya
    Worth to buy
    Really nice product. Within 3 days i got the micro worms with starter culture. Worth to buy this. Thanks to
  • Ganeshkumar Arumugam
    Awesome product
    Microworms were nicely packaged and delivered within 2 days from ordering. Oats works the best when you nicely mix it for about 10min with a spoon. I was not successful in my first two attempts as my cultures were taken over by fly maggots. But I was successful the third time. I kept starter culture in the fridge and it still works good. Thank you. All the best!
  • Prabha
    This guys are awesome and the customer support is extremely.must buy it guys....
  • Vineel Arepalli
    Got delivered within 2 days. Worms Came Alive. They started to develop from day 3 after recieving. Customer Support also very flexible.
  • Chandra
    Really awesome....?
  • Vijay
    Worthy to buy
    Excellent culture
  • Prakash Salian
    Awesome culture
    This is the second time in the last year I have ordered this culture and both the times it worked out perfectly. A quality vendor.
  • Subah
    I receive it bt don't know it will works or not!!
  • Sangsam Tabu
    Poor Service Delivery
    It's been 8 days.. I haven't received my parcel!
  • Sangsam Tabu
    Super Culture
    Super customer support..
  • Vijay Ganeshan
    Now its easy to breed fish
    Am breeding fishes from my school days they use to breed. But fries will die of hunger so i searched internet and found this Microworms they are really awesome. Easy to get, maintain, harvest and feed fries. Now my beeta and angel fries are growing.
  • Amen Patel
    Great!! it works
    I was successfull in breeding live bearing fies but breeding egg layer fishes was challenging to me. After knowing about this microworms i order here. Now i can save any sort off fries easily with this microworms. As a hobbiest I would recommend pls go for microworms.
  • Harish Kannan
    Smart and lazy breeders choice:) haha
    Hi, I am fish breeder from Chennnai. I use to collect nice(local name for Daphnia) from Kollathur that too early in the morning. Other wise i use to feed BBS(Babby Brine Shrimp). Microworms are easy maintain and harvest when compared to other live culture. Cheapest source and ready to feed on the go. My suggestion is to use Oats medium because Bread is not successfull all the time. Thanks, All the Best guys...
  • Vishwak Chandar
    Thank you
    First I saw someone in Bangalore selling microworms in OLX website. I paied him but he cheated me. Then I ordered microworms here it was delivered properly. thank you...
  • Kiran Kharath
    Superb food for fries
    Good work! Before 5 years everyone knew about microworms hence its famous in internet but it not sold anywhere. Aquarium shop keepers donot know about microworms. So I wondered to see a shoping site to sell worms!!! and i orderd. It was delivered in 2 days, packing was good and worms were alive. I started 3 cultures in parallel and thanks for the free Yeast...
  • Bibin Joseph
    Microworms is best food for fries
    Microworms is best food for fries. Thanks for the free yeast. I am still searching for a cheaper yeast.
  • Rajiv Nair
    Best fries live food
    I am Guppy fish breeder. Guppy fies loves to eat microworms. The growth is very fast and tail
  • Ram
    When i tried to harvest them there was no sign of growth. The package i received seems good but for me it did not work. Thank you.
  • Faran Tanveer
    Trusted one
    Thanks for the Previously I was cheated in OLX.
  • Sagar Dudam
    Fries natural food
    Aquarium fishes become commercial and fishes are been feed by commerial foods. But how does new born fries know the floating food. Now my fries are enjoy eating microworms.
  • Dhruv Dhindsa
    Easiest food for fies
    I stay in PG. I cant maintain big big cultures to feed fries. microworms are easy to maintain in small boxes and my breeding progress made easy.
  • Preetha
    Awesome my guppiy fries loves to feed on microworms
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