Paramecium Starter Culture for Sale in India -

Live Paramecium Starter Culture

  • Paramecium starter culture - Quantity aprox 100ml
  • Best live food for newly hatched fries.
  • Customer can start 2 individual 500ml cultures in parallel.
  • Can able to feed newly hatched Bettas, Angel, Gold and almost all fresh water fish fries.
  • Safe Packing - that ensure culture to be alive while delivery.

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How to start Paramecium culture

Required MaterialsA container, chlorine free water 500ml, 3 drops of milk and starter culture
Step 1Fill the container with 500ml de-chlorinated water
Step 2Add 3 drops of milk. Milk will turn the transparent water into white colour, which is the food for paramecium.
Step 3Gently pour the paramecium starter culture into the culture medium

How to maintain Paramecium culture

In 2 or 3 days water will become transparentMeans the milk was consumed by paramecium, So refill 2 or 3 drops of milk again into the water.
If you are harvesting the paramecium with waterRefill the water.
If you are not harvested for more than a weekBetter to replace 20% of water.

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  • Prasenjit Dhar
    Absolutely wonderful to see someone selling live fish food in India. It is really difficult to find these products in India and at such a reasonable price. The paramecium cultures were really unique as no one sells paramecium in India. Hope to see more such products in the time to come.
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