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Reptile Frenzy Water Quencher (water crystals)

  • 100% safe for reptiles and arachnids
  • 100% non toxic
  • will expand 400%by volume by observing water and can hold it for a very long period of time
  • Prevents drowning of feeder or pets
  • Prevents bacterial contamination
  • This 50 gms pack can make 5 liter of water crystals

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What is Reptile Frenzy Water Quencher (water crystals)

Reptile Frenzy Water Quencher (water crystals) is a super-absorbent polymer
which  has the ability to absorb multiple times its mass in water.
with its main use in pet keeping as a alternative to water source,
because if open bowl water is used were there are chances of your
feeders(mealworms ,superworms ,dubia roaches,crickets etc) or
pets (spiders,scorpions,bearded dragon,gekko etc) getting drowned
accdently. If Reptile Frenzy Water Quencher(water crystals) is used there
is no risk as its a gel form and your pets can drink water while standing
on water gel

Why Reptile Frenzy Water Quencher (water crystals)

1Water crystals are the easiest, cleanest and most efficient way to offer water to your feeders or pets .
2They can be used for crickets, mealworms, superworms,roaches, spiders,scorpions,bearded dragons and the list is going on
3With no risk and fear of loosing or killing accdently
4No risk of spilage of water all over the enclosure ,
5Unlike water there is no need to refill daily and save your time
6hardly your spending 15rs per month, which is just 50paisa per day why not give it a try

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