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Live Superworm

  • Live Superworms - Quantity Exactly 30 Adult Sized Worms.
  • SUPER WORMS (Zophobas morio) is larval stage of a beetle representing a species of darkling beetle
  • packed with full of nutritional and minerals with more more than required vitamins and amino acids for good health and
  • one of the best live food you can get to feed a variety of pets
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Why to choose SUPERWORM from us?

We are commited to provied safe and reliable live food on demand to our fellow hobbyist across india
our superworms are fead with nutritional rich diet to ensure they carry all the nutritions are met
our superworm are lab tested to ensure they are free from any harmfull parasite and desease
and certified by trusted vetenarians and pet owners
our superworms are 100% organically grown
Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority so feel free and hop into online chat or
Leave us a mail with your query and so that we can confirm your doubts

What do I get in my order?

1A plastic container with some small holes for your worms to breath.
2and a label containing a note as live worms inside
3Quarter of your container will be filled with wheat bran.
4The quantity of worms you ordered.


LENGTH30 to 40 mm
Temprature23 to 28 °C.
Weight15 to 20
Life spanabout 3 months

What is SUPERWORMS Nutritional Value?

Crude Protein (g/kg)186
Crude Fat (g/kg)14.4
NFE (g/kg)7
Total Dietary Fiber (g/kg)14.4
Moisture (g/kg)630
Ash (g/kg)9.3
Calcium262 mg/kg
b-Carotene mg/kg1.99
Lutein (mg/kg)0.284
Zeaxanthin (mg/kg).856

Customer Reviews(6)

  • Raja Murugan
    My first time purchase with Nice packaging, quick shipping, took 3 days from placing the order to receiving it. All Superworms are live and super active... Pretty satisfied. Will shop again!
  • Vishnu Reddy
    Wonderful Service
    Everything was fine, jumbo sized, nice packing and prompt delivery. I will recommend hobbyist to go for it. Treat for my golden arowana loves it...
  • Moirangthem shanjit
    Micro worms
    I ordered the worms, at first i was reluctant not sure whether they will send it or not but everything when very smoothly, they give me timely update and they also delivered on time and most importantly all the worms was good. Thanks a lot
    1st delivery of worms for my Pacman frogs
    Nice packaging and prompt delivery of product ,I'm planning on buying more from this company in future they also have dubia roaches and other live creatures too ....
  • Paul K Nongrum
    Kudos to this company.
    I am from Meghalaya, North East India and no matter how remotely I lived the superworms reached safe and alive, will buy again.... Thanks
  • Karthik
    Great size consistency and quality
    My Arowana loves superworms and he has been gulping Microworms' supers like nobody's business. He's grown fast and I will most certainly order it again. The packaging was good, and it arrived in good time as well. Absolutely love it, especially with the intuitive customer support that's more than helpful.
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