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Live Vinegar Eels Starter Culture

  • Vinegar Eel Starter Culture - Quantity approx 100 - 150ml.
  • Best alternative live feed for fries.
  • Using our one starter culture, customer can start 2 individual cultures in parallel and is recommended to start 2 different cultures.
  • Vinegar ells can be fed to all new born fish fries (specially fries hatched from eggs).
  • Safe Packing - that ensure culture to be alive while delivery.

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Vinegar Ell Specification

Dimensions50 microns in diameter and 2 mm in length
Length Vs Width15 times lengthier than their width
Culture mediumApple Cider Vinegar
FoodApple (skin pealed off)
TemperatureAny Room Temperature (Optimum 68-85 °F)
Reproduction RateFemale Vinegar Eel give birth up to 50 young every 8-10 days.
Life spanAverage of 10 months
Survival time under waterMore than a week

Facts about Vinegar ells

Vinegar ells areNon-parasitic unsegmented roundworms(Means it will not stick on to the fry s body, rather than it swims freely in water and become fries food.), discovered by Borellus in 1656.
They feeds onFungus and bacteria that grows on rotting vinegar and apple solution.
HabitatVinegar eels have to live in liquids that have enough oxygen so that it can diffuse into their bodies.

Life cycle of Vinegar Ells is quite interesting

Females give birth up to50 young every 8-10 days.
They grow from eggs to adultsIn five weeks
Vinegar ells go through six stages of development:Egg, 4 larval stages and adult stage (all occurs in vinegar medium)
So their life span is about10 months

Comparison between Vinegar ells and Microworms

Microworm culture (MW short form)Vinegar ells culture (VE short form)
Bedding can be made of oats, wheat, maidha, potato and even bread.Culture can be maintained in apple cider vinegar or beer solutions
Container, oats, yeast and starter are required to start MW cultureJar, apple cider vinegar, apple, water and starter are required to start a VE culture.
Monitoring and Maintenance should be done on daily or alternative days.Monitoring and Maintenance are not required. May be you can monitor evaporation on monthly basis.
Harvesting and feeding is simple. Just wipe the walls, rinse it in water and feed to fries.Harvesting and feeding is hard when comparing to MW. Filter the vinegar solution, rinse the ells and feeding to fries.
To harvest MW it will take around 3-4 days. (When they climb up the walls of the container)VE takes around 20 to 25 days to harvest. (When the culture propagates and thick population is detected)
Life span of individual culture 2 to 3 weeksLife span of individual culture 6 to 18 months
Microworms settle down in the fries tank. Best suited for the bottom feeders.Vinegar ells swim all over the tank, mostly near to the surface. Best suited for the surface feeders.
Microworms will survive 24 to 48 hours max. So when overfeeded and uneaten worm will die. That pollute the water.Vinegar ells will survive 7 to 10 days max. So overfeeding is not an issue here.

How to culture Vinegar Eels?

RequirementsJar, Apple cider vinegar, Apple, Dechlorinated water or distilled water and a starter culture.
Step 1Fill 1 litre glass bottle/jar up to a third with a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and dechlorinated or distilled water.
Step 2Add a few pieces of peeled apple and pour in the rest of your vinegar eel starter culture.
Step 3Cover the container / jar to avoid evaporation but make some small holes in order air to exchange.
Step 4Wait for 10 to 15 days so you can see that they are multiplying. It is good to harvest in a month.

How to maintain Vinegar ell culture?

What to do when vinegar level comes down?Topup with 50/50 solution vinegar and dechlorinated water upto the required level.
What to do when apple disappears?Drop a piece of pealed apple (without skin)
When to start a new culture?Make a subculture every 3 to 4 months to keep the culture from crashing.

Customer Reviews(7)

  • Sirajul Hasan
    Tiny creatures; even smaller than microworms
    Yea, they are bit smaller than MW. So after infusoria or paramesium, its good to feed this ells because of 2 reasons. 1) They are smaller than MW so fries can easily gulp it. 2) They have long life under water so overfeeding is not an issue. but MW is bit large and die of about 2 days. The only issue is it is not very easy to harvest like we do for MW.
  • Arun Jaiswal
    Best for betta fries
    While betta fries switch to swim vertical to horizontal it will feel hunger. During the time Microworm feeding is not the right choice hence they settle down in the bottom. Vinegar ells workout here by swimming all around water mainly near to the surface where betta fries also try to swim.
  • Senthil Kumar
    Good Mature Viniger ells culture
    Had mature, ready to harvest state and thick population of ells...
  • Panneerselvam
    Best for the Fries
    Wonderful product for the Fresh water fish,Wonderfully packed and delivered , Thanks Micro Worms
  • Manohar penta
    Good culture received
    Thanks good culture
  • Chandra sekhar
    Awesome product
    I jzt got VE they r alive and I got them with an excellent surprise gift ? I’m very happy with ur service guys thank u sooooooooo much
  • Sheena Premkumar
    Good service and reliable team of microworm
    I have purchased a couple of products Vinegar eels , Microworms, Paramecium, Grindals, so on and I have never been disappointed with the orders I have made, all the live products were viable even though climatic conditions dint allow, the Microworm personal had made sure that they sent a new batch and I have also received complimentary items along with the order I made. The detailed description on the site about the live culture are really helpful, Thank you Microworm team.
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